Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's Been A VERY Long Time!!'s officially been 1 year, 2 months and a day since we received our keys and I must say that we have been pretty happy here. We're acquainted with the house, did a little decorating, made some changes, met and LIKE the's definitely all good!!!

Here are a couple of updates on the front of the house. We added a storm door as well as pulled up bushes and planted flowers (roses, day lilies, asiatic lilies, calla lilies, autumn joy sedums, dianthus, dahlias (these have not bloomed yet), tulips,and azaleas)...(asiatic lilies and marigolds are in the vase on the porch), not too mention spring, summer and fall maintenance on the lawn.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just One More Day...

Oh my!!! 

We are finally here.  

One day before closing!  

We got the official clear to close from our mortgage company (NOT NVR) yesterday afternoon.  

Will we sleep tonight?  Is this really about to happen?  

Throughout the whole process you are never relieved until you get this information and never "completely" relieved until you get those keys in your hand.  

You read the blogs.  

You hear the last minute horror stories.  

The mortgage companies pulling "fast ones".  

People we are so close to clicking them red heels together saying "There's no place like home".  

Prayerfully everything goes smooth tomorrow and all the anxiety turns into pure joy and happiness.  


It Never Hurts To Ask...After the Demo

BTW...after reading other people's blogs, we noticed that some people close up to one day after their demo. I'm not sure what's standard but if you haven't noticed, our home demonstration was a week before our closing date...that's the way our PM likes to do things so that he can ensure that our home is as perfect as it can be when we receive our keys...with that being said...

On Saturday, we went by the house to measure our morning room ceiling so that we could get the proper extension rod for our ceiling fan...the home was open because a crew of 2 was in there fixing our blue tape imperfections! While my husband was walking around the perimeter of the home, he noticed that some of our shingles were raised (we couldn't see this at the demo since it was snowing) and was curious as to why they weren't lying flat...we also noticed that one of the recessed lights in the kitchen needed some touching up.

Even though our PM already had a list of things to complete before closing, we couldn't help but email him our findings. He explained that the shingles were fine and that they have some kind of self-sealing strip that will seal them flat on a hot day. He also mentioned that he marked the drywall area around the recessed light so that it could get fixed by the contractor. 

I said all of this to say that your demonstration is not the end of the road between your demo day and your closing day...if you happen to go by your home before closing and see a visible imperfection, notify your PM. Don't wait until the day before closing, though, because it may not get done. AND please don't go to your home just looking for imperfections that you didn't get to blue tape at your demo. Our PMs wear a lot of hats and sometimes they are probably stretched pretty thin with all of the homes they have to take care of so don't get upset if they can't fix that nail pop that wasn't there on demo...just keep an eye out for it for when you have your follow-up!

Home Demonstration was a Success!!

Hey Guys! 

So we had our home demo on Wednesday and boy was it long. Of course, that was what we were expecting (our PM said about 5-6 hours), but it was actually a little under 5. The appointment was at 10 am and we were on the road at about 2:50 pm.

We thoroughly enjoyed the demo even though it was cold, wet, snowy AND we had a 7 yr old running rampant throughout the house. <---Well he wasn't running buck wild but of course he was antsy, even though he had plenty of things that we brought with us.  The snowflakes being huge combined with a strong wind equaled "snow ball fight".  Nature Won!

As far as the demo, there were no major things found.  A lot were cosmetic changes where we went through the house and did some blue taping (just painters tape ripped into pieces and placed next to the all the imperfections so that the painter/drywall guy/carpet guy/cleaners/or #whoeverjobitistofixthosethings could come and fix them).  Yup, the hubs enjoyed himself!! Me, I had preferred to look out the windows most of the time. Our PM and his assistant also helped in blue taping.

Some of the things that either our PM found prior to us getting there or we found throughout the demo were:

  • fixing yard settlement (just minor yard settlement next to our ac unit, 
  • fixing caulk around a couple of windows (exterior),
  • fixing the dryer exhaust vent flapper (ohmigoodness people, my husband was going to lose him mind if this didn't get fixed...all he kept talking about was if he was taking a snooze and all was quiet in the house except this incessant flapping noise from the vent flapping away outside! lol). Of course our PM had no problem doing this!!
  • cut a plumbing tube so that we could access a nozzle at the bottom of our hot water heater (the tube is right in front of this and is super tall so it would prohibit us from reaching the nozzle),
  • fix a light switch in the family the hubs has some issues with our light switches (well not anymore)...the first - a few weeks ago he asked if we could change where we could turn on our floodlights (we have 2 instead of 1) which ended up being fixed the way we wanted it...the second - during the demo, in our family room, we found that our upside down outlet was on the same wall where our television/other TV stuff will be...there is a switch that goes to this upside down outlet, so with valid reasoning, the hubs asked if we could get this changed this point, we're not exactly sure what the electrician will do...some of the options were: flipping the outlet right side up, disconnecting the power to that particular outlet (just the upside down part) or disconnecting the switch to that particular outlet...the reasoning for this change is so that no one accidentally switch off our TV or whatever else we have plugged into that husband used the example of the Xbox but there won't be ANY Xbox playing in my family room...that's what the man cave/rec room is for!!!!!
  • other things, were just re-cleaning the entire house as well as our egress window in the basement.

Our closing is set for March 13th and we will meet our PM one more time on that day before closing to sign off on the above items being completed.  Fellow bloggers, we are almost there!

We finally got some pictures of the outside of our home when it was sunny and bright outside. BTW: This past Saturday and Sunday was BEAUTIFUL!!! See below: