Thursday, January 31, 2013

An eventful September

It was back in September when we actually signed our purchase agreement, submitted our NVR loan application and had our appointments with Guardian and CTI.

September 16th  - we signed our purchase agreement and put “Sold” on our lot sign.

A view of our lot

Sold Sign

September 21st – We met with Guardian (the low voltage wiring company our builder uses) at the model home in our community.  We talked about the security system and the different security features we wanted such as motion detectors, keypads, door & window contacts, etc.  We also chose some additional features that we wanted, like a 5.1 home theater pre-wire in the living room (hubby has to have the surround sound!), HDMI flat panel pre-wire in the living room and basement (for the flat screens), additional cable and data hook-ups, and built-in ceiling speakers in the kitchen & basement - I can’t wait for those Christmas tunes to float through those speakers during the holidays!!

SN: One thing that we didn’t get that I really wanted was the Intercom System…not that serious but I wanted to avoid yelling throughout the entire house just for someone to hear me -_-

September 21st – Our loan application appointment with NVR went fairly smooth.  It was actually right after we were done with our Guardian appointment.  We wasn’t aware that the mortgage rep had actually came to us, in which our intentions were to make that trek of about an 1 hr. – 1 ½ hrs. to see her.  Imagine us riding all the way there, just to find out that she was to the place we just left…yup, probably would have rescheduled THAT appointment! But good thing the hubs is inquisitive and didn’t let us walk out of the model home without questioning who the lady was sitting in the lone dining room. 

The mortgage rep was very nice though. She answered any questions or concerns that we had.  I keep saying “the” mortgage rep instead of “our” mortgage rep because NVR did not service our loan…we’ll get to that.

September 25th – We met with CTI (flooring company) at their Capitol Heights office and chose all of our options for all of the flooring in our home.  Our choices are below. 

1st Pic (from left to right) - Cobblehill carpet (home office, dining room, basement & all bedrooms, Canyon Creek vinyl (kitchen, foyer, morning room, powder room), Tavern carpet (living room)

2nd Pic – Station Square vinyl (bath #1, owner’s bath & laundry room)

*SN: When we signed our contract, we also picked out some of our selections at that time. Here is a pic of our Fairfield Square Maple Spice Timberlake cabinets, Jamocha Granite Formica countertops (kitchen) and Wheat Granite countertops (bathrooms)

Cabinets & Kitchen Countertop

Cabinets & Bathroom Countertop

***The countertops are the same throughout the house - just different camera angles***

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  1. Nice lot. Looks very flat so your yard will be nice and even. What size is your lot may I ask?