Thursday, January 31, 2013

One of the BEST meetings of all....

Drum roll please.........our PRE-CONSTRUCTION MEETING!!!!

December 14th, 2012

Yup, we were totally excited to have this meeting because that's when we knew things were about to get real!  It's kinda cool being able to look back over this stuff because it gives you an overview of all the emotions that you felt before, during and after these important times. But anywho...

First and foremost, our PM (project manager for those, a.k.a our family, not privy to the Ryan Homes Blogging community lol) was THE best. When I say that he was thorough, I mean the guy was THOROUGH.  He knew our floor plan like the back of his hand (even though it was a fairly new plan) and went through every single page - that was relevant to us, of course, of the blue print. He explained what was included with our home (we had a few surprises) as well as what our selections were (the ones we had already chosen). He showed us the schedule that he goes by when building homes (more specifically, ours) and gave us an estimate of when we would have our walk-through meeting and closing date.  At that time, our estimated closing date was March has since changed but we will get to that later!

So what surprises did our PM have in store for upgraded garage door (don't know what the standard one was but hey, We'll take it!); ALL optional windows included in the model; trim around the windows exterior, entry door and some of the siding areas (this will be in addition to the siding that we chose and will actually be a slightly darker siding so we will be able to show what wasn't standard). 

**Pics after our PM showed us the staked out ground on our lot**

**It was a muddy afternoon!**

**Left Side Angle View**

**Left Side View**

**Another View**

**The Stakes**

**We're Standing in the Driveway taking the pic**

**View of the Right Side**

**Another View**

**Another View - the rocks is where our driveway will be**

**Yup, I'm short!!!**

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  1. WOW free windows and upgraded garage door!!!
    That's like a few $k there in options.

    We have not met our PM yet but hope he/she is as awesome as yours.