Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Sunday of All Sundays

Just when we were ready to admit to defeat, we were saved by the hubs blog/website stalker-ish ways...SN:  Babes, you really do need to slow down with the stalker-ish behavior, it really makes me wonder what the teenage version of you were like. 

So, it was a really nasty Sunday that day - you know a lot of rain and muddy wetness that makes you cringe just knowing that you don't have any rain boots to wear if you have to go outside, when all of a sudden, hubs said "babe, they have this awesome incentive at "so and so" community and I think we should check it out". Of course, I'm still tasting the bitterness from our "mini" house hunt gone wrong but I didn't want to rain on his parade (no pun intended) so I said "what are the incentives, dear husband?" (well I didn't say it EXACTLY like that) and he said a whopping "finished basement and a morning".

Well, the rest is history as "they" say...my husband and I always wonder who "they" really are -_-

When we arrived at our destination, we were surprised that we had been there only a couple of weeks before and the Sales Rep had said "I knew you guys would be back"! Hmm, I took that as a good sign...so we sat down with the Sales Rep and went over the lot that offered the great incentives and did a cost estimate. After we left the Sales Rep with promises to keep in touch about what decision we were going to make regarding this lot, we went to see the lot in question. We were really excited to see that the lot was actually a nice size and would have a decent enough backyard for us to enjoy!

After communicating with our SR about various questions that we had through email, we finally set up a date to iron out details and to sign our Purchase Agreement/Contract!!!!!!

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