Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Single Family vs. Townhome...Old vs. New

Looking for a home can be an exhausting job, one you don't get paid for, might I add. However, it can be exciting and rewarding as well, at least it was for us. Whether to buy a new home or older one...single family or a town home were just a couple of the major decisions we had to make for such a large investment.

Buying a new home was a decision that was almost a no-brainer for us simply because the older homes in our area were just as much as the NEWER ones!  Why would we want to put more $$$ into an older house when we could get one for the same price with everything brand-spanking-new?!?!! With that out of the way, we went on a search throughout the various new home communities in Waldorf and the neighboring areas...

Ok, so imagine our frustration when all we could find were communities that were too far out, too expensive for the amount of house you would get, horrible financing options, or too little yard (Our son definitely needs a yard...he's been going coo-coo for the last 2.5 years)...to say the least, we were about to chalk it up as a loss and wait a couple of years...that is until one fateful, dreary Sunday when our whole life changed forever!!! Yea, that was a bit dramatic but hey, what can I say, I'm a PISCES and we're known for our dramatization!

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  1. Welcome Fellow Piscean!! Happy Birthday or Belated Birthday!!

    We are built a ROME in Bowie! I have friend who purchased in Waldorf off Billingsley Road. They are in a Richmond Home. She will be celebrating her birthday today, March 8, another Piscean and there housewarming tomorrow. Exciting times for many people!