Wednesday, February 13, 2013

All That Glitters...Isn't Gold....Q & A Part One

Haha, Sorry for the dramatic title but we noticed that we did not include any issues or concerns that we've had throughout the whole process so far.

So, we decided to give a run down of the different items that caused us concern or were questionable, and how they were remedied. Hopefully this may help someone!

***SN: Some of these questions or concerns may be trivial but as first-time home buyers any question is better than no question (which could ultimately leave you with a home that you are dissatisfied with!)***

1) Will there be heating/AC ducts and vents in the unfinished parts of our home (exercise room and media room)? The main heating trunk line will run in there but in order for the ducts to register to rooms, they would need to be run when you finished those areas later.

2) The model numbers for our appliances were no longer being manufactured. Would we be getting these older models or will newer models be ordered from the same category? Newer models would be ordered from the same category. Model #'s change constantly.

3) During the framing phase, we noticed that we had a couple of windows missing as well as the framing for our media room door was only framed for a single door (we got the double door option). We were told that the windows would be added in and that since the double doors was a non-standard, it would be adjusted by the framer. **This was at the time we realized that Ryan Homes put all of their framing together at a factory. No wonder they're so efficient!!

4) When we were getting insurance quotes, we needed a couple of questions answered: will our sump pump have a battery backup? Do we have a full or partial sprinkler system? The sump pump is not battery backed up (but it's recommended we get one!) and we have a full sprinkler system.

5) One day we arrived at the house to this....

Yup, the hubs was officially freaking out lol...but of course, we emailed our PM (Did I mention how awesome he is?!?!) They were tying up the sewer and water connections...we didn't know that this happened after the framing was up, well it kinda don't; however, we have a lot of construction going on in our community and time didn't permit the guys to do it beforehand.

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