Saturday, February 16, 2013

House Update

So we went to the house at our regularly scheduled time and noticed that we had some new things. At this point, we are really coming down to the wire.

  • Exterior
    • We now have a mailbox
    • All of our shutters are up...aren't they lovely!
    • The driveway is completely done now
  • Interior
      • Refrigerator
      • Dishwasher
      • Range
      • Microwave & range hood were not up yet
    • Some of our light fixtures are up...some weren't (the 2nd bathroom & basement)
    • All of the commodes, faucet fixtures (kitchen and bathroom), etc. are in
    • Our bathrooms are tiled!! Because we didn't upgrade the tiles, I just knew that I wouldn't like it but I was pleasantly surprised!!
    • All of our shelving is up
    • Guardian came through and did there thing! My hubs is too excited :)
Shout out to our neighbor Kendra...she scared the mess out of us! So while we were perusing our soon-to-be home, we were interrupted by the doorbell. Hmm, who could that be we wondered?...We ruled out the PM and the workers because they would have just walked right on in so as my husband gingerly walked over to the door (did I mention it was dark out already so we could not see anything with the lights on), he slowly peeked out and it was HER!! Of course, we were tell you the truth, I'm not really sure why we were nervous...I guess it was just so unexpected lol Oh well...we showed our neighbor around a bit and talked to her for about an hour or so about the house, her house, other people's houses lol as well as the community and everything in between. This is not the first time we met her or talked with her but we definitely feel welcomed into the neighborhood already!!! :))))

***Some Pics Are Below For Your Viewing Pleasure***

Dishwasher is pretty dusty - the other pair of shoes is my mini me!!! The child won't let me wander alone!

Shine Bright Like A Diamond - I love these recessed lights!!!
Powder Room
Partial View of Owner's Closet
Owner's Bath w/ Faucets
OB w/ light fixture
OB Roman Shower

2nd Bath - commode, fixtures
2nd bath - tile, recessed light
Hubby's territory

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