Monday, February 11, 2013

We Have New Stuff!!!!

February 6th - Woo hoo...I'm back after a short hiatus, had to let the hubs do his thing!

We arrived at the home to this...Boo-yow..

*We have STONE!! And a Column!!!*

*Can you find Waldo??!?!? Do ya see him? I'm assuming a worker was waiting there to make sure no one stepped on the FRESHLY, PAVED SIDEWALK and he was being kind enough to hide behind the column while we snapped some pics!! I thought that was a really nice gesture :) *

So what other goodies awaited us when we went inside the house...

*We have railing...not stained yet but glad they're there nonetheless*

*Our cabinets!!! Yup, I was disappointed not to see my island :( but then again...*

*It was set up for me in the LIVING ROOM!! No problem, I've always wanted to cook in front of a live studio audience :) *

*A sneak peek of our counters (in other words, I didn't take a close up) and a side view of the kitchen from the morning room*

*We have kitchen floors!!*

*We have trim around the doors, windows and baseboards throughout the whole house...this is a view of the office and office door*

*Views of the was actually warm down there and we had some light...Do you notice that we have a nice COAT OF PAINT?! That is also something new throughout the house!*

*Our bathrooms actually look like bathrooms now...1st two are 2nd bath...last three are owner's bath...check out that half vanity (cabinet & counter, mirror) in the 2nd bathroom...mmm...someone has some explaining to do, was not expecting that!*

*More new floors...I so love these floors...this is a view of the laundry room but this flooring is also in the bathrooms (it was too dark to take good pics)*

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  1. We just found your blog. We had the same thing happen in our 2nd bathroom with the half counter. We were not happy and they are fixing it. It looks like you got yours fixed too. We close in two weeks. Your house looks great!