Friday, February 1, 2013

Fully Framed BABY!!!!!

Well, our original plan was to check on our home once a week.  Pretty much every Saturday after our son's soccer game.  However, if they can frame a basement and 1st floor in a day, you can miss a lot in a week.  So Wednesday, January 9th I surprised my wife by coming home from work early and going to see the house.  She was really surprised because she was still under the impression that we were only going once a week.  She also told me that she secretly believed that I wouldn't last with the schedule of once per week.  I guess she called my bluff cause I knew it wouldn't last either.

So we took our off schedule visit to the home site and...SHABAAMMM...fully framed with all windows and out side doors!!!  For a moment I thought I saw my wife doing the Stanky Leg!!!  LOL!  We did recognize that we were missing a few windows in a couple of bedrooms and brought that to our PM's attention.  (I think my wife already mentioned this in previous post but our PM is AWESOME/GREAT/HELPFUL/PATIENT/THE BEST).  He quickly responded to us pretty much saying 'don't worry, I got you. They will be there'.  We feel so relaxed knowing our home is in good hands.  BTW, we also saw that we got a few extra windows that we didn't even know we were getting. A+ Ryan Homes and St. Charles County!!!!  Pics below:

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