Saturday, February 9, 2013

Guardian Cable & Wiring In Home Appointment

On Friday, January 18th, we had our Guardian cable & wiring in home appointment.  It was a fairly quick and simple meeting but boy was it freezing in there.  It took no longer than 20 minutes and the purpose here was to go through the house and mark exactly where we wanted equipment placed. Equipment included things like phone jacks, cable outlets, surround sound pre-wire, etc.  Everything went smooth and we even saved a "couple dollars" due to the fact that where we wanted a flat panel pre-wire was easily accessible because of an unfinished wall on the other side.  So in other words our exercise room will not be finished and in the rec room on the wall where we wanted the flat panel pre-wire is easily accessible from the non-finished exercise room.  Since that is the case, we can do it ourselves.  "DISCOUNT"!!!! in my best Flo (progressive commercial) voice.

On another note, we also recognized that our sprinkler system and electrical work was pretty much done.  Those guys were hard at work in frigged temperatures while we were having our meeting.  When we were done we wanted to stay and watch them do there thing, but when your teeth starts to chatte,r its time to go!  Sorry no pictures this time folks.

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  1. It's nice to hear that your work was done that quick. That's the reason we should hire a professional for home wiring. Only a professional can make it easy and fast.
    Thanks for sharing your experience. Nice blog.

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