Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pre-Drywall Meeting

On Wednesday, January 23rd, we hit a major milestone.  Our pre-drywall meeting.  This is pretty much your last chance to inspect your framing, plumbing, electrical, etc before insulation and drywall gets installed.  My wife and I didn't think too hard about getting an independent inspector to come with us.  Our PM has been great so far and he gave us no reason not to trust him.  Could it bite us in the long run "maybe" but we trust him, so we said no to an inspector.  

Our PM thoroughly walked us through our home and gave detailed explanations as to what we were seeing.  Why things are built this way, how we seal your home, wall framing studs being level, etc.  He even found some things that he immediately got on the phone to get his crew to fix.  It took some time to go through this and with the cold temperatures it seemed like forever.  When we were done we truly felt our home was in good hands.  Also, to our surprise that day we found our front yard dug up.  See pics below.  Our first response was like WTH! We thought all our plumbing connections were already made to the city/county when the foundation was constructed .  But rest assured, our PM said while this is not normal, our neighborhood is booming with new builds so instead of making us wait, he decided to go ahead with construction and connect to the city/count later.  No complaints from us!

Also later that day, we found that we had our frame inspected by an independent inspector and our sprinkler system inspected by the state fire marshal.  We passed!!!!  On to insulation and drywall!!!

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  1. Did you have to pay for the independent inspector? did you get the report from him?
    Sorry for being nosy, We are still trying to figure out if we should hire an independent inspector for pre-dry wall when the time comes.