Friday, February 1, 2013

Our New Year Surprise!!!!

Over the Christmas break into the New Year, things seemed like they came to a HALT!!!  Well they pretty much did.  We checked on the construction progress a couple times during the holidays, but got our little feelings hurt because it all looked the same.  Not even one piece of dirt moved!  I (Hubby) know you other home bloggers know what I'm talking about as far as being anxious for progress.  But we understood that they (construction workers) should enjoy the holidays just as well as we did.

 On Saturday, January 5th our son started playing soccer which is about 20 minutes from where we live now and 40 minutes from where our home site is.  So we decided to keep heading up the road after his game to check on things.  (SN:  This is a regular occurrence now.  After every soccer game we stop by to see what's going on.)  And boy oh boy were we surprised.  PROGRESS was made!! Significant PROGRESS!!!  Our first floor and basement was completely framed.  Also, there were some goodies too.  All of our windows and outside doors were in the garage.  Trying to contain our excitement...DIFFICULT to say the least. Our soon to be neighbor (who by the way is awesome), told us that the progress the workers made was done in a day.  They started around 7:30 am and was cleaning up around 4:00 pm.  We got there while the workers were still working around 3:30 pm and we were staring at them like we were site managers.  I wonder do they feel some kind of way or are they use to home buyers watching there every move.  I wanted to go help but ummmmmmmm the air was a little nippy, I don't get paid for it, and we are paying them a nice piece of change to do this.  Enjoy the pics below:

**I (wifey) know that's not someone's coat on my windows!!!...I must have missed this -_- **

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