Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Last Saturday

The new things that we noticed on Saturday were:
  • the island was in it's proper place,
  • which also meant, we had heat (our thermostat was on and kicking - even though for some reason, there was no heat blowing through the vents on the first floor)
  • our son's bathroom was finally complete - it had the full vanity and mirror!
  • 2nd coat of paint 
  • Gutters were added to the outside
*Some pics are below*

***SN: Our PM said that the final trades (appliances, carpet, light fixtures, everything bathroom, etc.) were to begin on Monday, which was yesterday. Can't wait for the goodies that will await us tomorrow!!***


*Side View of Island*

*Close up of the Island*

*2nd Bath Full Vanity -  don't know about that hole in the wall*

*Our Electric Meter*

*Thermostat on the wall...yes I'm excited...the Hubs has some cold nights ahead of him, he calls me the "human heater"*

*Left view - gutters

*Front view - gutter*

*Sooo...like if you look to the bottom left of the pic, you will notice a port-o-potty has fell on its side. Can you say YUCK!!!  AND ITS IN OUR YARD! Good thing it wasn't in a different position  -_- 

*You see our gutters...can't wait til the hubs climb up that good ol' ladder*

*AC Unit*

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  1. My babies get gutter covers. That will save y'all a lot of hassle cleaning them out.